Convertible - Sedan

Built: 1937
99 kW / 135 HP
126.880,-- EUR
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Due to illness and age, this dream car is now for sale at a significant discount:





4-Door Convertible


1 off 58 ever built cars.


15th car built in these range.


This is the only one registered in Europe!!!


Only 4 vehicles known worldwide.


!!! FIVA-Pass included Owner History !!!


Dates of Built:

  • Manufactur:            Cadillac
  • Typ/Series:             38-7529
  • Bodynumber:         15
  • Model:                     38
  • Built:                       1937
  • First Registration: 1938


A real collector's vehicle in exceptionally good, faithfully preserved condition. 


This stately convertible was delivered to England as a new car in January 1938.

The vehicle was only used for trips in the summer in dry weather.


Over the years the car was shipped back to Milwaukee / Wisconsin in the USA.

Back in the USA, this Cadillac was in the possession of a large Cadillac dealer for decades, who kept the convertible in his private collection.


In 1992 this dream car was bought by a German private citizen and shipped back to the European continent. This private person still owns this car today and has now decided to sell the vehicle.



In total, only 58 units of this Cadillac Fleetwood Convertible Sedan were ever built.

Apart from this one vehicle, after extensive research by the owner, no other vehicle is known in Europe.

Via various Cadillac clubs and various Cadillac owner associations, just 3 existing vehicles of this type were identified.

It can be assumed that including this car there, are exactly 4 pieces worldwide.



This car was ordered by the first owner in exactly this color combination and equipment.



  • 4-Door Fleetwood Convertible Sedan
  • Finish: red-brown uni
  • Canopy: saddle brown
  • Equipment: full leather equipment, saddle brown
  • Interior: real wood
  • Chauffeur convertible with separate rear
  • Separating window for the chauffeur to the rear compartment 


  • Matching V8 - 350 cui.
  • Power:     135HP



  • Manual 3-Gear



  • Firestone Whitewall-Tires 7.50-16 new


The engine has already been overhauled once in Germany, re-stored and fitted with new hydraulic valve lifters.

The engine and gearbox work perfectly, run smoothly and are absolutely reliable!


The paint is in a very, very good and flawless, perfect condition.

There are no scratches, dents, rust spots or bubbles on the paintwork.

One can assume that the car still has the first paint. However, it may also be that it was repainted in its original color, sometime decades ago.

An expert can possibly find out more about this. 


The leather interior including new upholstery was completely renewed in Germany in 2007.

Great attention was paid to originality and detailed color and pattern combinations.

All the necessary work was carried out at the highest professional level.


The real precious wood interior is absolutely flawless and valuable, like in its best days.


The convertible top was also completely renewed in 2010.

A very high quality saddle brown fabric was used here, which does justice to the exclusivity of this convertible.

During this work on the roof, the entire linkage was dismantled, laboriously cleaned and all the bushings re-stored. Then everything was completed and assembled again and then adjusted.


The entire car with all its mechanical components was continuously and lovingly maintained.

Everything works!

Even both clocks, one in the cockpit and one in the rear, work perfectly...


The underbody, the body with doors, fenders, side panels and trunk are absolutely rust-free and accident-free.

Both spare wheel holders on the front fenders each accommodate a full-fledged, new spare tire in the right design and size for the normal tires.


This car has a rating of 2+ in the care and condition category.

Over the years, the vehicle has received countless honors and trophies.

It won several awards over the decades.


Long journeys to various meetings and shows were always driven with car by the owner on his own.

This fact speaks for a very careful and excellent care of the technic and all units...


The car owns all German technical reports, including German registration with historic license plate. 



The car is ready for your inspection and test drive.

If you are interested, please call in advance to make an appointment!


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